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Dear Dr. Warren,

I am wanting you’ll help me. I have never had problematic fulfilling females and meeting on times, but after about monthly or two, I have found me getting jealous of some other dudes, also it only gets worse following that. To start with she’ll believe it really is sorts of cute, it turns out to be a genuine issue. A lady i truly liked lately dumped me personally over it, and it threw myself because I imagined we had an excellent thing going. In your experience, is actually jealousy something that may go out as time passes together with the proper individual, or is it just my nature to get similar to this?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Thanks for your outstanding question. To begin with, i wish to commend you for identifying a conduct in yourself you’ve observed has effects on your own connections negatively. Next, I additionally need to ensure you that envy is a thing you are able to manage in order that it doesn’t always have in the future between both you and some one you may have strong feelings for.

In other words, envy is a destructive emotion which can appear in a variety of kinds of scenarios. If it takes place in romantic interactions and is directed toward other individuals who connect to your lover, it signals a fear about dropping your spouse to a prospective rival. That fear is frequently rooted in some type of insecurity you really have about your self concerning the thing of the envy. Being jealous of whom your partner connects with is an indication of insecurity.

John, the first step to overcoming jealousy is comprehend a reasons, therefore I would like you to take some for you personally to think about the way you look at yourself—both good attributes and not-so-good qualities.

Very first think about your greatest traits together with places that you experienced your a lot of pleased with. On your most readily useful day if you decide to describe the a lot of good traits, what can you state? Often it can be helpful to also ask a detailed friends or family unit members the way they see you, too, because they tends to be an excellent supply of even more objective information. Whether it assists, decide to try producing an inventory.

Next, i really want you to give some thought to the insecurities you have about yourself and your existence. It could be hard to take a look at these correctly, but it is crucial that you realize that envy starts initially with an overly negative self-judgment. This negative wisdom is then when compared with a notion of another whom you evaluate becoming a lot better than you somehow. These “better-than/less-than” comparisons cause the the majority of injury to you physically before you start to harm your own relationships with other people.

Whenever jealous thoughts come to be envious behaviors interactions tend to be damaged. It might begin as a cold shoulder or filthy appearances, but eventually escalates and erupts in unfavorable statements and accusations toward your spouse herself, the actual fact that this lady has accomplished no problem. By misjudging your lover’s union fidelity or ethics, you will be inadvertently disrespecting this lady. In healthy connections, both associates decide to get using their mate—it is a choice—and confidence will be the relationship that keeps them collectively and helps to keep damaging envy out of the image.

The very next time you are facing a scenario whereby jealous emotions toward another guy beginning to crop up, i really want you accomplish the following:



Jealousy is definitely something that you can over come to be able to begin to appreciate happier and much more close connections with women. Keep in mind that while couple of would argue that there’s nothing like the comfort of knowing the lover “belongs” to you, the fact is that individuals “belong” to each other—by choice. Jealous behavior can be an option, however it is certainly one of control. If you take tips to get over jealousy inside connections, you certainly will quit the necessity to control your partner to fulfill a worry, and you’ll additionally free yourself from all-consuming clasp of envy that settings you.

Inform us how you carry out.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren

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