Ukrainian Models

Known for their natural splendor and skill in fashion, many Ukrainian products have become popular around the world. They have worked with leading brands such as Prada, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. Additionally they appear in well-known movies such as Homeowner Evil, Zoolander, and the 5th Element. A few of these models have even featured in instructional videos. Here is a speedy rundown of some of the top rated models from Ukraine.

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Darya Kharkov is one of the major paid units in the world. This girl started her modeling career at age 13. She is famous for her presence in the film Person Laroche present in 2006. She also encourages Ukraine in Canada. Completely one of the longest-reigning fashion units for Prada. She has worked with others as well. This wounderful woman has been photographed for several lookbooks during her school years. She has already been a contestant on the TV series Ukraine’s Next Top Model. This lady has also appeared in magazines this kind of sexy ukraine women since Vogue. Inspite of being a model, she analyzed hotel organization at Kharkiv Law College or university.

Arina Bogdanova is actually a Ukrainian model who was delivered in Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region. Her parents divorced when the woman was 13, but she surely could sign using a modeling company. She took part in in a local beauty match when your lady was 16. She in that case went on to engage in international building competitions. This lady has also been featured in Ukrainian crop up music videos. In 2006, she was crowned Miss Ukraine World. The lady then agreed upon with a modeling agency and went on to work with many significant fashion brands. She is likewise the lead singer for the purpose of wedding ring NikitA. In addition with her modeling career, she also trips a lot with regards to work.

Anna Bogdanova is another Ukrainian model who was made in Lviv, Ukraine. She gets worked with many major vogue brands, including Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. This girl was also crowned Miss Ukraine World 5 years ago. She has also appeared in many motion pictures. She has been featured in the James Bond film Component of Comfort. She also appeared in the 55th Birthday issue of Playboy. This lady was chosen as a playmate for the January 2009 issue within the magazine. Completely a member for the popular go crazy band NikitA.

Yulia Dykhan is actually a Ukrainian style who was given birth to in Odesa, Ukraine. She has worked with respect to Kostromichova’s modeling firm and has additionally appeared in a variety of beauty contests. She has recently been featured in numerous magazines such as Fashion and L’Officiel. She has also reached the semi-finals of Ukraine’s Next Top Model. She is also a blog owner. She is a language phone speaker.

Katya Kulyzhka is a Ukrainian style who is living in New York. She has appeared in many movies and was crowned Miss Ukraine World in 2006. She also website hosts Podium, a TV show pertaining to junior designers. She has also worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Marie Claire. She has came out on the runway in New york city, Paris, and Rome.

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